Justin Khoe is one of today’s leading authorities on digital ministry and millennial leadership within the church.

Justin is constantly changing the game and his content and delivery are transcending the industry.

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"Justin Khoe is pioneering digital missions into one of the largest mission fields in the world in YouTube. Justin's charismatic personality and authentic communication style engages millennials around the gospel in the most effective way that I've ever seen. It is amazing what God is doing through Justin to date, but I believe that the best is still ahead!"

Nils Smith
Chief Strategist of Social Media and Innovation at Dunham+Company

"Attendees from the 2017 Digital Discipleship Conference are still talking about Justin Khoe of That Christian Vlogger. His passion, energy and knowledge about millennials and how to reach them through digital platforms, like Youtube, was palpable. His authentic speaking style connected with attendees both on the stage and throughout the weekend."

Rachel Lemons Aitken
Founder of Digital Discipleship Conference

"Justin Khoe's (aka ThatChristianVlogger) ministry can be summed up in one word; accessible. His insights into the daily journey of christian life are both valuable and easy to apply."

Jereton Edwards

"Justin is a dynamic speaker with the rare combination of being relate-able AND real with his messages. I haven't seen him to stay in any box, but rather he does whatever God instructs him to do, and I like that"

Anthony Hackett

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